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Energy Resources


What do I need to know?

"Energy Resources" is NOT the same thing as "Types of energy".

"Types of energy" means "kinetic energy", "chemical energy" and so forth.

"Energy Resources" is about ways of getting energy so we can generate electrical power.

For Science GCSE, you'll need to know:-

  • the names of the energy resources in these pages
  • how each one works
  • the advantages & disadvantages of each
  • which ones are renewable

Each page has a summary and a quiz for you to try.
But I hope you'll learn a lot more than just that!
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Most of the Earth's energy comes from the Sun

Solar power, that's obvious, but the energy in coal originally came from the Sun too.
Prehistoric plants stored the Sun's energy in their leaves, and when they died and eventually formed coal seams, that energy was still there.
So when we burn coal (or any fossil fuel), we're releasing chemical energy that was stored in plants millions of years ago.

The same goes for Wind and Wave power. Waves occur because of winds, and winds blow because the Sun warms our atmosphere. Warm air tends to rise, and winds are due to other air moving in to replace it.

High voltage power lines.  (c)

Most power stations burn coal, oil or natural gas to run the generators. Others use uranium, or the flow of water. Electricity is sent around the country using high-voltage power lines. Nearly all of the power we use comes from large power stations, although some places such as isolated farms, or hospitals, have their own diesel generators.

There are many power stations in England.
Which types? Where? Find out at

Why is everyone so angry about generating energy?
What's the "least worst" option"
See this BBC News article

Electric cars are becoming more popular. Here's an article I found interesting.

We can reduce our energy demands by recycling more.
Many parts of a vehicle can be recycled - here's an article,
and here's another article, from Junk Car Medics.

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Home page quiz

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Want to find out more? Visit for information about energy resources, where to get grants to install them at home. - extensive information on energy types and energy consumption
Want to understand your bills? Visit
How to save energy at home - see this infographic

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