Energy Resources: Geothermal power Quiz

Fill in the gaps, then press 'Check'. Clues cost you marks. This quiz has a word list:
   depth      drill      electricity      energy      gases      hot      pump      renewable      rock      sites      steam      water   
Geothermal power means getting from rocks underground. This is so long as we don't take too much energy out and cool the rocks too much.

Hot comes up out of the hole we've drilled and usually "flashes" into . This can drive turbines and generators, to make .

At some sites we have to water down, at others hot water comes up anyway. Sometimes poisonous come up too.

Geothermal power can occasioanally be unreliable, and there are not many suitable because there needs to be the right type of at a we can reach, underneath rock which isn't too hard to through.