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Here are a selection of activities for Key Stage 3 and 4 Science.
Please feel free to use them, and let me know how you get on

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I'd best put in this disclaimer: these resources have been written in good faith, and are provided for free.
Although I can't see any way in which they could mess up your machine, your exams, your lessons or your life, I can't accept any responsibility if they do so.


Energy Resources
with online quizzes for each page,
and GCSE exam-style questions

with online quizzes for each page,
and GCSE exam-style questions

The solar system and the planets
Energy, Forces and Motion
Under construction



These quizzes were made using "Hot Potatoes" from Half-Baked Software. This can make multiple-choice tests, crosswords, Cloze (fill-in-the-gaps) exercises, and more. Download a copy (free fro non-commercial use!) from

Want to modify my quizzes? Here are the Hot Potatoes files for most of them: (505kb)

Year 7

7A. Cells

7B. Reproduction

7C. Environment and Feeding Relationships

7D. Variation and Classification

7E. Acids and Alkalis

7F. Chemical Reactions

7G. Particles

7H. Solutions

7I. Energy Resources

7J. Electrical Circuits

7K. Forces and their Effects

7L. Solar System and beyond

Year 8

8A. Food and digestion

8B. Respiration

8C. Microbes and disease

8D. Ecological relationships

8E. Atoms and elements

8F. Compounds and mixtures

8G. Rocks and weathering

8H. The rock cycle

8I. Heating and cooling

8J. Magnets and electromagnets

8K. Light

8L. Sound and hearing

Year 9

9A. Inheritance and selection

9B. Fit and healthy

9C. Plants and photosynthesis

9D. Plants for food

9E. Reactions of metals and metal compounds

9F. Patterns of reactivity

9G. Environmental chemistry

9H. Using chemistry

9I. Energy and electricity

9J. Gravity and space

9K. Speeding up

9L. Pressure and moments

9M. Investigating scientific questions

GCSE Science for the 21st century
     I plan to cover all of these topics eventually.
          Unless you have ones of your own you'd like to send me?

Year 10: Biology
Topic B1: You and your Genes
Topic B2: Keeping Healhy
Topic B3: Life on Earth

Year 10: Chemistry
Topic C1: Air Quality
Topic C2: Material choices
Topic C3: Food Matters

Year 10: Physics
Topic P1: The Earth in the Universe
Topic P2: Radiation and Life
Topic P3: Radioactive Materials

Year 11 Additional Science: Biology
Topic B4: Homeostasis
Topic B5: Growth and Development
Topic B6: Brain and Mind

Year 11 Additional Science: Chemistry
Topic C4: Chemical Patterns
Topic C5: Chemicals of the Natural Environment
Topic C6: Chemical Synthesis

Year 11 Additional Science: Physics
Topic P4: Explaining Motion
Topic P5 Electric Circuits
Topic P6: The Wave Model of Radiation


Key Stage 3: Digestion Key Stage 3: Space

Key Stage 3: Human reproduction

Key Stage 3: Cells

Key Stage 3: Elements, Mixtures and Compounds

Key Stage 3: Sound Waves on a CRO

Key Stage 3/4: Types of Energy

Key Stage 3/4: Testing For Substances
(e.g. oxygen, food tests, etc)

"Spaceship Earth" Quiz:   how much do you know about "Green" issues?

Key Stage 4 Physics: basic resistance calculations - Ohm's Law

Key Stage 4 Physics: Electricity Bills

Key Stage 4 Physics: Work, Energy and Power

Key Stage 4 Physics: Basic Transformer calculations

Use your mouse and the controls to explore these interactive revision diagrams: