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My name is Andy Darvill, I live in North Somerset, England.

I taught Science (with a Physics specialism) at Broadoak Maths & Computing College in Weston-super-Mare for 16 years, and now teach Physics at Sidcot School along with running the tech on all kinds of school events.

This is not what it looks like. Honest.

I'm keenly interested in the use of ICT in education. Where we can't illustrate the work with practical exercises, I'd much rather give the students a computer simulation than simply hope they'll take my word for it. There are many exciting developments in collaborative learning which don't involve spending any money on hardware: you should take a look at socrative for real-time questions, quizzes and lesson "exit polls" - all done via the students' own smartphones.

Quick History

It's difficult to get lost on a canal. But not impossible, if you really try.Gained private pilot's licence (single engined) 1978.
Physics degree Bristol University, graduated 1981.
Whilst at university, gained more flying experience with the RAF University Air Squadron.

After graduation worked for 18 months at South Bristol College as an AV technician, before joining BBC TV as a cameraman.
Worked on just about every type of programme for 10 years, ranging from pre-recorded drama to sport, Outside Broadcasts and other assorted live mayhem. Involved in running the dinghy sailing club, and set up a part-time business producing wedding videos.

It's Shakespeare time

Then the BBC made national cutbacks and I moved into radio for a year.
Yes, a cameraman working in radio.
Let that sink in for a moment.
Then I returned to Bristol University for PGCE teacher training. All this has come in really handy for training students in sound and lighting operations for school events, and of course for teaching light & sound topics.

Whilst on my PGCE I created & taught a part-time adult evening course entitled "Get the best from your video camera", and ran a juggling club at my teaching practice school. There are students who believe the rumour that I ran away from the circus to become a science teacher...

More recent




I was one of the trustees of the charity that runs the Curzon Community Cinema in Clevedon, UK,
running the web site, helping out with ushering from time to time, and was one of their team of projectionists.

I've written a fair bit of online revision and exam material for the widely-acclaimed SamLearning site, including nearly all of their "GCSE Science for the 21st century" resources. Currently working on their "Revise+ Science" project.

I was part of the BBC Bitesize "SOS Teacher" team.

Since early 2002 I've been working with Nelson Thornes publishers on a variety of projects, including the "Cut, Paste and Surf!" series writing the Science book and CD-ROM, and the Starter & Plenary CD-ROMs to accompany their Spotlight Science series of textbooks for Key Stage 3.

I also shot many of the video clips for the "Powerpack" to accompany the Scientifica series of KS3 books, and worked on their Key Stage 3 course "Fusion". I've developed BTEC and IGCSE interactive resources for them, and much else besides.

I've written interactive whiteboard acitivites for Collins education for the 2006 GCSE science curriculum; and KS3 powerpoints and virtual experiments for the 2008 curriculum.
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