Energy Resources: Tidal power Quiz

Fill in the gaps, then press 'Check'. Clues cost you marks. This quiz has a word list:
   barrage      estuary      expensive      France      fuel      in      large      out      pollution      renewable      Severn      turbines   
There is a great deal of energy in tides. To use it, we can build a large dam, called a tidal , across an where the tides are strong. There are proposals to build one across the river in the UK.

Tidal energy is , needs no and produces no . However, such a huge dam is very to build and will affect the environment over a area. The largest one in the world so far is in the Rance estuary, in .

An alterntive is 'offshore ', like an underwater wind farm. This will not have such a dramatic effect on the surrounding area.

It will only generate power when the tide is going or , but we know when this will be so we can easily plan for it.