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These pages are designed to give you the information you'll need for the Radioactivity topic at GCSE.
They are intended to enhance the material in the textbook "Physics for You", by Keith Johnson (published by Nelson Thornes). Keith runs with extras to accompany the book.

Each of the main sections has a short quiz, so you can check your progress.

You should check with your teachers to be sure that you cover the material needed for your exams.



For an overview of radioactivity, I like these two videos:

There are different systems of units for radioactivity.

This second video talks about measuring radiation dose in "Rads" or "millirads".

In the UK for GCSE we use "Sieverts", "millisieverts" or "microsieverts" for measuring radiation dose. See Measuring Radioactivity for more.


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Created by Andy Darvill,,Science teacher

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