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Speed and Velocity

These pages are designed to help you with GCSE "Mechanics". This is the area of Physics that deals with forces, motion and the energies involved.
They are intended to enhance the material in the textbook "Physics for You", by Keith Johnson (published by Nelson Thornes). Keith has set up a web site at www.physics4u.co.uk with extras to accompany the book.

You can move around using the buttons on the left, and keep an eye out for other words and pictures to click on. Captions will pop up when you move your mouse over a picture.
The aircraft at the top of the screen will bring you back here.

Questions and quizzes are built in to the pages, so you can check your progress.

You should check with your teachers to be sure that you cover the material needed for your exams.

Created by Andy Darvill, web site www.darvill.clara.net, Science teacher.

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