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Found a broken link on this page? Sorry about that, there are many external links from this site and there's no way I can check them all regularly! If you'd like to tell me about it, or suggest a new link, you can contact me at
Great revision site for GCSE and A-level physics
Bitesize: homework and revision help for Key Stage 2, 3, GCSE and more
S-Cool, a really good revision site, GCSE and 'A' level help for cool facts about science, geography, history, animals

for the most awesomely useful simulations I've found :-) flash revision games for KS3 and GCSE Lots of quick quizzes on many subjects. Science ones here, Maths ones here

Visit for a large selection of free science quizzes for exam-focussed revision resources

"The 20 Best Science Podcasts " from

General science

Savvy Leo has pages of info about famous scientists
Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab
Flying Turtle Science and Technology Exploring, a fun site about how things work in nature
Exploratory Hands-on Science Centre, Bristol.
   Now closed, but the web site lives on. Good section on optical illusions. science information, with a section on famous scientists Biology, chemistry, physics & psychology for GCSE and A level

Space and astronomy, everything you wanted to know about our solar system which has...ummm...facts about space.
UK 1999 Eclipse home page
N.A.S.A home page
The Space Place, N.A.S.A. for young people
>JPL, Pasadena, where they build space probes for N.A.S.A. to launch
Earthview: the Earth in relation to our solar system
Orrery: The Solar System in Action: concise information about the planets
Hubble Space Telescope: images, by subject
NSSDC Planetary image catalogue

Other stuff

Looking for textbooks? Try for textbook rental and ebooks to compare prices across online bookstores

The Magic of Making DVDs of short films about how things are made. Aimed at younger children, useful in Primary and sometimes Secondary education too.

Science careers: is a database of US college courses.

Education supplies at

Physics Consumer Utility Services, info on energy efficiency in the home
The Atoms Family explain some basic principles Institute of Physics - a huge amount of useful material for lots of useful worksheets to find out more about Newton's Laws. Link suggested by Kristy at
Newton's laws of Motion and car physics...and a virtual high five to Courtney and her group in Colorado.


Anatomy and Healthcare Resource Guide, suggested by Kaity. Lots of information about human anatomy..

Medical and Health games for kids, suggested by Dakota. Challenging online games about the human body & health. revision for GCSE, IGCSE and more. Very interactive, and targeted at what you need for the exams.

Study Guide to the Systems of the Body from ACLS. Circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, digestive, nervous, endocrine, Integumentary, urinory/excrectory, lymphatic, reproductive - it's all here. free interactive classroom resources. find out about these amazing creatures Interactive biology - educational and entertaining
Anatomy of the eye revision notes for AQA 'A' level Human Biology

Being a school nurse is trickier than you might think.
See (thanks Kerri!)

Photosynthesis games at (thanks Ashley!)

www periodic table & info about the elements for KS3, KS4, and A level. Useful! - a great periodic table site:
also help for 'A' level and advanced GCSE chemistry Guide to web sites related to chemistry and the chemical industry about transition metals. Link suggested by Mrs. McVey's 6th grade class from Eliot School in Boston, MA :-) Chemistry Education Resource Guide, useful for students and for teachers.

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